Internships are one of the most important ways to gain industry experience as a Computer Science Student. During my final semester, I decided to intern at an Education Technology Startup as a Business Analyst Trainee. The reason behind choosing this particular internship was that the EdTech industry is booming during this pandemic period and I was really curious about the internal workings of the industry and how they are processing the huge amounts of data that is being generated regularly.

One of the perks of working at a startup is that you don’t have a fixed role and you get…

Set of 21 keypoints detected using Mediapipe hands for letter ‘R’
Figure 1: Hand Landmarks for letter ‘R’ in ISL

Sign Language Recognition using Artificial Intelligence has been an area of interest for many years. Researchers have used several approaches and have achieved a lot of success in training different machine and deep learning models that can recognize signs corresponding to different words. The majority of research that has been done is for American Sign Language (ASL) and the methodologies require the use of some kind of motion sensors or hand gloves to detect the positions of different fingers accurately. I completely agree with the fact that these approaches are no doubt very effective and can account for almost every…

The way by which decentralized applications are developed is different from that of traditional applications. Let us first try to understand how traditional applications or web services work. I’ll be using the terms normal applications and traditional applications interchangeably.

Any normal application has two parts — a client and a server. The web server is centralized and is hosted by a company that hosts all the web services. So whenever we want to use any services provided by the company then a request is sent from the client-side to their servers and in response, we get the desired service. The…

Deep Learning and Machine Learning are changing the way we see the world. These are the two words which are helping new companies to make new products, which are making people’s life easier. Machine Learning is same as a newborn baby, in this case, baby is the model, both the newborn baby and the model doesn’t know anything in the first, but as we give them the data they start to learn, they start to recognize patterns, but the only difference between them is that a newborn baby takes a less time and less data than a model to learn.

Pranav Bansal

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